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Driven this car a lot! all highway miles since I bought it. I've put 17k miles the remaining balance on the Loan is $22,000 MSRP is $32,000 this car is fully loaded completely Stock Minus 5% tints in the back and 35% in the front (with warranty). I also have a TurboSmart BOV sitting in the trunk waiting to be installed (included in the take over). This car has been driven to Canada, MD, NY, North NJ(home), South Jersey, Central Jersey, PA, & CT. I stopped using it for those kind of drives I don't want to tarnish the value of the car. so honestly just a loan take over and $1,000 and the car is yours. Im literally taking a 4-5K hit (before all the taxes i paid upfront). I'll provide you all the records of work, all done by Ford. I can show the current standing of the car with maintenance report, breaks are at 90% (even with all the mileage i put on all highway so I hardly break) Will do an Alignment once i hit 18K miles.
ST3 = Push to Start
Xneon head lights, follows as you turn steering wheel.
Recaro Leather Seats (AMAZING seats)

Reason for sale. I WANT AWD I miss AWD I need it! lol

Price = Loan Take over +1K or 22K
Miles = 17K

I WILL Powdercoat the wheels OEM color or a simple finish (with that $1K so really you're only giving me $500). If you want any other finish you have to pay the difference. email me [email protected] I most likely will miss your message from here.

More Pics Click on link

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