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Received recall notice for the Canister Purge Valve. I don’t want Ford touching my ECU because of my custom tune. Do you guys have the ability to update the ECU due to the ECU not adequately detecting a stuck open Canister Purge Valve.

That way I can bring my car in and if needed they can replace whatever parts may need to be replaced w/o flashing my ECU with stock mapping and the update?

Figured I’d leave this here as anyone with a 13-18 ST should receive this recall notice.

They go on to note that anyone with the FFPP tune needs to contact Ford Performance for an updated flash. So figured I’d ask you guys if you know what parameters they are changing?

Thanks for your continued support, with quality modifications and your tuning the car is a reliable rocket. 2nd best car I’ve ever owned with no chance of getting rid of it. I’d build it if anything were to happen I’d go 2.3L and a lil Bigger Turbo. Lag Sucks on the street.
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