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Hello all,

my name is Denny, 30 years old and I'm from the Netherlands.

My car history varies all over the place, but mostly I drove Japanese sportscars like Mitsubishi Evo's, Nissan Skylines and several (track) build Honda's.
One of my previous cars was an Ford Focus MK1 for a daily driver. Year 2004 and was a nice car to me, too bad my brother crashed it.
This was my MK1:

So after that I was in the market for a BMW, which I also owned in the past. But that wasn't ment to be I guess for some reasons, so I came in the garage of Ford again. At that point I was looking what Ford has to offer in a Wagon, some newer and still a sporty car to drive. So I came with the ST's.
Viewed a couple of them, there are not much out there in the Netherlands, so not so much choice on the market. Viewed a blue, black and white one and the blue one definitely stood out for me. Drove it for a while, the interior wasn't love at first sight.
What is important for me was a car that handles good, was sporty enough, had some room for vacation and I had to sit good in there with my lenght.

Well after that I spoke to the company owner who was selling the car. We could make a nice deal.
Took some days thinking about it and decided to buy this example. It is a mint Wagon, fresh from Germany, completely stock and in very very good condition.
One week after I drove it for the first time everything was done and the car was mine.

So since a couple of weeks I own this Performance Blue Focus ST2 Wagon:

Already drove about 1.500 km's with the car in the past 2 weeks and must say it's a nice car to drive. The engine is really 'spicy' on the pedal, but for a FWD car it handles really well, what my experience was with Ford. And the fuel consumption is also good, so for that part I'm happy.

In the meantime I lowered the car with an Eibach Pro-Kit for about 25 mm and put some spacers on it to bring the wheels just a little bit more out. These 2 upgrades make a great combination.
Also mounted a K&N Typhoon intake kit on the car, not to much but just enough:

Future plans with the car are some, but not to crazy. Just want to drive the car and stay it the way I can drive it every day when I want.

Hope to have a good time on this board and will have a look around. Always searching for nice ideas and maybe learn a bit about the ST.

If there are any questions, just ask :) .

Ciao folks!

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Welcome, I wish we had the wagon / estate versions here in the USA.
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