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New TX member - 2016 RR Focus ST

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(posted a reply on the 'introductions' thread, figured I'd post here too to have a thread of my own)

Hey everyone... name's Derek and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I've always liked the sport hatch look, and the newer Focus ST's caught my eye as a great looking and performing daily driver (also the MS3's). I'm not new to the boosted community (I have two boosted projects in the garage). I traded in my gas guzzling 4.0L Nissan Frontier NISMO 4x4 (small lift with mud tires, seen in the background in the pic) for the ST. I'd have never considered red if it weren't for my this is my 26th vehicle and only my second that's red. But certain vehicles pull off certain colors.

I'm going to try my best to keep it stock, at least while under warranty..but I'm already seeing that without voiding my warranties I can do things like exhaust/intake and gain the sound I'm looking for. Just not sure about the tunes (COBB, etc) voiding anything. Going to read up on it. I'm VERY picky about a real, raw, performance sound and it's hard to do with a 4banger without rasp or pingy (coffee can baffling) sounds. But both of my others have the sound I like so we'll see what I end up with on this ST (also if the wife doesn't kill me)...though she loves the car!

Its an ST1. TBO I didn't even know the differences until I bought it. I passed up white and gray ST3's (both looked great!), the red just popped for me. TBO, I really like the ST1 options as is and the only thing I kind of wish I opted for was the NAV set up...the rest of the ST options are purely aesthetic and not really performance based. If anything, its less weight and less to go wrong (dual climates, audio gear, heavier/motorized seating, heated steering, etc all gimmicks to me).

So enough ranting...glad to be a part of the Focus ST community and I've been reading up on this forum since I bought it a week ago, quite a bit. I look forward to learning a lot from the forum and hope to be able to provide a little back into the community too as I do mods (I like to take pics/document my wrench time), and I hope to cruise the back roads with some of you local enthusiasts!

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