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Hello fellow FoSt owners,

Before I start, I know that there are tuning threads and several sources of information that exist on the web. I would like to get some advice on here from other ST owners that have experience with tuning.

As of now I am driving a stock car with the Boomba RMM, Short shift kit, and I threw in a Green Filter. I have been out of the country for the better half of the last 6 months without much time to drive. Now that I am back for the foreseeable future I made a couple of bolt on purchases with the intent to purchase a CPE FMIC, and Intake within a few months.

Last week I purchased the Mountune turbo-back exhaust system and a COBB AP (from COBB). From what I understand, I would be able to install the exhaust system with a stage 1 map. I also found that installation of the DP would have negated effects paired with a stock cooling and intake system. So, the questions that I have are:

1) Do I install the exhaust and run stage 1 maps until I purchase the FMIC and intake at which point I would install the DP and re-tune?
2) Do I purchase custom tunes from Mountune? Is there much of a difference?
3) Do I wait until I have the other parts to install anything (I don't know the logistics of installing theses things but would rather not have to install the DP and exhaust at separate times)?
4) Are there negative effects of putting a full turbo-back system on an otherwise stock car?

Thank you for taking time to read, any feedback is appreciated.
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