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2016 ST2, Shadow Black, E30, MonsterFMIC, GFB DVX+ BPV, ALEX' ShiftBushings, PCV-OCC, Innovative RMM
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Nothing to the ST today but was working on my wife鈥檚 鈥13 Escape and I saw this plug in there I hadn鈥檛 noticed before鈥 anyone know what that would be for? Also, her car is lagging under acceleration. If anybody has any ideas about that I would appreciate it. The spark plugs are original and it has 95k miles so changing those, cleaned air filter today, and looking into MAF sensor cleaning. Thanks guy
Wow, I would say a glow plug, but no diesels here.
Any chance it had a cold package with a block heater and battery jacket or something?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts