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Hi, so I just purchased my 1st Focus ST package 3. I figured when buying a ride, go big or go home. LOL.

Anyway, as someone from the Mustang tuner and mod days who gave up due to the poor re-design of the S550 models, I figured after much debate on next TOY that the Focus ST was the way to go.

So I grabbed mine on Labor day from a local dealer in Easton, PA. Got a great deal as it was the 15th vehicle I have purchased from that dealer over 20 years. After driving it solid the 1st week and then parking it to gather my thoughts, I have realized it is a lot of fun, but has a lot of room for improvement. I get it is not an RS, but I can tell these things are tamed a bit from the factory.

Anyway. I am hoping to learn a lot and get up to speed quickly.
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