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ATTN: FiST owners and friends of FoST owners.....

A quick update to let FiST owners know that TCE will have a new front BBK out after the first of the year!

We've been asked a few times about a more durable setup for the open track users than the Wilwood factory kits with their rather small 12.2" rotors. And while our own TCE/Wilwood kits were a reasonable choice for some, the use of the .810 wide rotor and the rather thin 12mm pads remain marginal for the more hardcore user.

Because of all that TCE is moving to a new kit: 14 x 1.10 with the proven FNSL4 caliper for the Fiesta. The combo will provide ample rotor mass, caliper mass, pad thickness, wheel clearance and the all important bling to any owner! Heavier castings for heat mean more durable use. The FNSL4 a radial mount caliper for rigid mounting, and 16mm pads should keep track day guys going with miles o' smiles all day long!

Check the TCE web page soon for more info and final pricing!

For you FoST owners you'll quickly recognize the basics here. TCE is combining the roots of the larger brother kits to the smaller platform.
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