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Picked up a 17 ST2 in Kona Blue about a week ago and been lurking the forums for a bit so i figured it was time to join in and do a quick intro.

I'm coming from a MK6 GTI that was apr stage 1. The car was a blast with the tune, but was having too many cosmetic issues really making me question the whole German quality thing (clutch was slipping too and didn't feel like waiting till it fried). Figured it was time to go domestic again. Right from the start the ST feels better mechanically from the shifter feel to steering responsiveness.

No plans for performance mods until i have at least 5k or so on the engine, but it looks like the tunes aren't giving a night-and-day power difference like the VW's do. I know it's because VW are under powered from the factory, it just makes a tune feel less necessary here. One thing that i am looking for right away is a pedal spacer since not being able to heel-toe properly makes me sad. From looking around on here, the Breedt and Accelerator look like the popular choices, but a recurring theme seems to be that 1.5 inches is about .5 inches too thick so a 1 incher is probably what i'll be on the hunt for. Other than that: tint, rubber floor mats, and maybe some window deflectors soon to come.

To any other South FL members on here, you can probably find me at the PB Outlet Mall Cars & Coffee meetups.

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