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New ST owner -NorCal

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After lurking for what feels like forever, and then waffling between the ST and the GTI, I can now say that I am an OW ST3 least I THINK I can say that.
Completed all paperwork tonight, and will pick up on Thursday.
I was 90% set on the GTI, since pricing was a wash between the two, and I really like that the GTI has the LSD going for it if you get the Performance Pack, but this deal was just too good to pass up.

For those that follow the west coast, and CA in particular, you know that finding a decent deal is almost unheard of. BUT, I finally got lucky, and got my ST3 w/ moonroof for $25246 before TTL.
I am sure that somewhere someone has a better story, but this price was over $2k lower that any other price I had seen, and I had been casually looking for well over 6 months.

Anyway, I will now be dropping the kids off in a fun car rather than my pickup...or I will be starting Friday. :)
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Tomorrow picking up the car!

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Ok, so I got the car, and as I mentioned in other threads as well as this one, I was really on the fence about the ST, seeing as the GTI has the LSD and a slightly more mature feeling.
Well the mind was saying GTI and the heart was saying ST -because....well just drive it and you know.
So, after a day of having the car, and not getting to put any miles on it...I have a 6 mile commute on surface streets, I can say this. I love this car. I mean, I know it is new an all, but with the price, and the drive and the quality feeling of the car, I have zero doubts now.
Sure, a GTI might be a bit faster around a track but I do not believe it would be as much fun. And I cannot wait to get it onto a track sometime in the future.

I know that I want to do some mods, but have no idea where I want to start. The shifter looks like a good place to start, but watching the videos has me a bit nervous...after all, I have not squeaks or rattles now, and I do not want to add any by disassembling the center console. Not to mention the ST3 that I have looks much different than the cars in the videos...And to think, I used to install car stereos and never thought twice about dissecting my car. Then, which shifter? Not sure if I like the Steeda (which looks to be an easier install) or the Boomba -which looks to be the best and most tunable except for the repeated squeaking issues that many have run into. I like the shorter arm, as I feel like the stock shifter arm is too tall for the car.

Then there is the exhaust: Oh what to do. I want a nice sound outside the car, and I HATE drone. Being that this car is replacing our Ford Flex, it will be pulling some longer drives on occasion with the entire family, and I do not want to arrive at our destination with everyone fatigued from drone, or worse, Tinnitus. Seriously considering the Remus, but oh so much money. Then the FRPP, which is a tough call. On the one hand, many say that you do not hear it on the highway at all, and others say that it is LOUD. I am even considering the axle back, but part of me cannot help but feel that is only doing the job halfway right. On my motorcycles, I never went with just slip-ons...

Then there are the tunes. I am really leaning towards the Ford Racing (Pro-cal) tune, as I like to feel that I am keeping my warranty in tact. I also like the feedback folks have given on that tune...big Torque numbers, which really makes a difference in a DD. I need to do much more homework on tunes...for example, can you get the same results on the Accessport that you get with the FRPP tune? Or are they so much different that it is not possible?

Sound symposer: I will be the first to tell you that I was excited about the symposer...that is until I got my ST. Now I have changed my mind. I mean, if it was repeatable then I would likely have no issue. Or if it was tunable. But the thing is actually frustrating. I will be running around on light throttle (not easy to do) shifting at 3k, and sometimes it comes on, and other times it does not. No rhyme nor reason to it. Sometimes if I back out of the throttle -even though I'm not really in it to begin with, it will subside...sometimes it will not. I sure wish it was tunable on the Sync 3, or possibly one of the tune devices, but I will likely remove it long before I get a tune on the car, which is too bad.

Finally, a question regarding financing. I went with the 7 year service plan for $1800. Now, I will not be putting many miles on the car since I live so close to work. But the 7 year service includes brakes, fluid flushes, and reportedly even the clutch if that were to go out.
My question is: did the finance guy oversell this plan? meaning that if the service dept thinks that I have been driving too hard, that they would not cover my clutch, or brake pads/rotors? then there are upgrades. If I upgrade brake pads and fluid for track days, will they still apply (assuming that I bring in my own pads?)?
Anyway, my wife thinks that I should drop the plan since we typically get our cars serviced at a Goodyear dealer near our house, and driving the 20 minutes to the Ford dealer is much more of an inconvenience than a shop that is a 1/2 mile away and walkable.

Anyway sorry for the long rant.
Did I mention that I love this car?
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