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New ST Owner from St. Louis, MO

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Hello, all! I am a new ST owner. I purchased a black 2016 Focus ST at the end of August and have been loving it, it is so fun to drive! The only additions that I have made since purchase have been window tinting (front windows - 35%, everything behind 20%), the in-channel wind deflectors, and just added a hitch this past weekend. Any suggestions on upgrades, i.e. performance, functionality, appearance, etc.? Thank you all for reading!
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hi local guy.
You can get a open end air filter like Green, Cobb, or Mountune, and get some intake/by-pass valve whoosh noise when you shift.
I'd recommending picking up a dead pedal to save the carpet on the left. Boosted By Design makes a nice one, there are others available.
If you want the exhaust to sound like it should from the factory without getting too loud, and without breaking the bank, have a muffler shop do a resonator delete. I plan on doing one once I get my car.
We'll have to get together some time.
Hey...I'm local too. Currently fighting with the dealer to find me a car. Made a deal, they had to do a dealer trade, and then that dealer refused to trade. Now I'm caught up in the hatch recall matter anyways. uuuggg!
Welcome! Check out the STL ST/RS group on Facebook, always stuff going on here and lots of active members that can help you with upgrades! Also, Panda Motorworks is local and well-regarded in the community if you're looking for a tuner.
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