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New ST Owner From Alabama

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Been looking for a while and picked up my new 16 ST today. Love the car, it's my 5th Focus and 39th Ford. I'm a Ford fanatic. And yes, it's a sickness. Looking at the B3 Mountune kit and a couple cosmetics for now.
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I wish I had an answer that made sense, but unfortunately I don't ;). My first car was a 96 Cobra vert which was taken away from me (smartly) by my folks within 2 months. Then I went trough a Contour SVT phase, have had 11 ( I think ) through the years. The current stable includes the ST, wife's 07 Expedition and my 15 Super Duty. Just sold my 10 Fusion 6MT SE to get the ST. I'm 35, so you still have time to catch up!
I did, and came all the way to the paperwork before walking away. I liked the car but was a bit disappointed in both the power and the paddle shifters. It's a heavy car, right over 4,000 lbs. The paddle shifters didn't shift when pressed, there was a delay which was odd. I really liked the interior but that's a personal preference. The deal breaker for me was the auto. Had the paddle shifters worked like you'd expect I may have been able to overlook the auto. I flew to Houston last year to get my 10 Fusion cause I had to have a manual and couldn't find an SE anywhere close that had one!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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