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New ST owner already started mods, could use help!

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Hey guys! My name is Crystal, this is actually my first ST! Super Excited! Shes a 2016! About 3 days after leaving the lot, I ordered the performance upgrade package with the tune and catback exhaust. I also just installed the mountune intercooler. She is lowered on springs as of right now, looking to see if I am going to keep it that way since Im probably using her for Rally. The question I have, is with the BOV I am not getting any sound. I was going to order the recirculation valve but I am not sure if that will make a difference in sound. The performance upgrade gave me about 90 pd more torque and it did a lot more then my expectations but I want to hear her. Also with the catback exhaust I am not getting the kind of aggressive sound I was hoping to get. I feel like I was expecting a lion and got a kitten! I was going to go with all Cobb but when I went on the ford website they honor the warranty especially since I messed with the motor. I don't really want to play to much with a car that is only 3 weeks old! Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any feedback!:smile:
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