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Greetings all!

I have been lurking here for the past month since I bought my '17 ST3 in Shadow Black.

File Jan 11, 9 14 51 AM.jpeg

Truth be told, I wasn't even considering the FoST in my search for a replacement for my Mazda 6. Was leaning towards another Mazda or a GTI. The day I bought it, I was heading up to look at a very nice '16 GTI and stopping at the Mazda dealer as well. The FoST caught my eye when I was looking at an article about the GTI listed in a group of hot hatches. Looked online at a couple dealers that were on the way to see the GTI. Decided to stop and look at this one. After test driving it, that was all she wrote! Came to an agreement on price, wrote a check and have been smiling ever since. Don't plan on doing a buttload of mods. I'm an old fart with a job that really frowns on traffic infractions. But damn is it hard not to have fun in this thing! Every car or truck (also have a 2015 F150 Lariat FX4 with Ecoboost) I've gleaned information from forums and there always seems to be one forum that stands above the rest. This one seems to be it for the FoST.
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