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Finally getting around to introducing myself. I’ve been lurking on the forum for months now trying to teach myself what what there is to know about the FoST through the buying process and now as an owner of a 2018 Magnetic Grey ST1 that I picked up about a month ago with around 22,500 mi on it.

From what I could tell it was bone stock when I got it and I don’t plan on going too hard with the mods (famous last words) as it is my daily commuter and reliability/cost of ownership take priority over performance right now. So far I have a COBB filter, RS style airbox lid, Steeda symposer delete, MBRP cat back, and I just installed a Damond stage 1 catch can last week as the carbon buildup issue was concerning to me (especially after seeing my parents 2.0T Passat grenade it’s turbo several years ago).

Eventually I’d like to upgrade the FMIC then do a 93 oct tune. Along with new wheels since the factory premium rims don’t do much for me. I’m also considering a RMM but that might depend on how confident I feel installing it as I’ve done everything besides the exhaust myself and I’ve never actually worked on cars much prior to owning an ST. I’d love to hear any advice, input, and recommendations that more experienced owners may have to offer.

I’ve included some pics taken today:

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Hello! Welcome. Sweet ride. The RMM install was a piece of cake. It was the first real wrenching I had ever done on a car (besides oil changes). Don’t sweat it! As for tune in the future, @MonsterTuned s Adapt-X is mwah chefs kiss. Easy and safe.
I said the same as you about not wanting to do mods but man is it addicting and fulfilling.

Regardless of what you do, good luck.
Thank you, helps to know the install isn’t too bad. I’ll definitely check out Adapt-X, it sounds like a solid option. I have a feeling it won’t be long before I take the mods way further than I planned on.
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Welcome aboard! And you got a cream puff, 22k miles!

I'd say you have a great mod path idea. Really you're going to get 95% of the enjoyment out of this car with the intercooler, tune, and RMM.

I'll 2nd the Adapt-x tune. I've never run it personally but I love what it's all about, probably the safest tune you can buy that still maxes out the k03 turbo on 93.

And if your couple months here hasn't brought you to the topic yet, make sure you look up LSPi!
I was pretty much sold on it once I saw 22k and unmodded. I appreciate the advice. Really seems like the intercooler and RMM is a must on these. It’s good to hear Adapt-X makes good use of the k03 cause I don’t wanna go BT on my daily. I have heard LSPI can be a real problem. I don’t give it more than like 25% throttle below 3k rpm in 5th or 6th. My understanding is thats enough to keep me out of the danger zone
The problem is your right foot isn't connected to the throttle blade. 25% request is still way too much, that turbo will build a lot of boost with a small request. So always be mindful of the boost you're making and always always downshift to accelerate. No boost in 5th or 6th unless you're doing "go to jail" speeds.
Ok I know I stay out of boost in 5th and 6th at least based off the little boost gauge the ST comes with so maybe it’s less than 25% but I also don’t know how reliable that gauge is. I could probably be a bit more diligent about downshifting regardless since damage caused by LSPI isn’t worth a few extra mpgs on the highway
The gauge does show real time data, it just isn't a precision gauge. But it's good enough to know when you are getting into boost. So it's reliable for this type of thing.

Downshifting to accelerate won't cost you any MPG if you shift right back up once you hit the desired speed.
The gauge does show real time data, it just isn't a precision gauge. But it's good enough to know when you are getting into boost. So it's reliable for this type of thing.

Downshifting to accelerate won't cost you any MPG if you shift right back up once you hit the desired speed.
Got it. I’ll make sure to keep a close eye on the boost gauge in high gears. I appreciate the info.
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Welcome and congrats! 👍😎

FMIC and RMM are essential.

The RMM is something you have to decide how hard you want to drive the car, and how much vibrations you're willing to tolerate.
The stiffer ones help a LOT taking off and turning, but you get more vibes.
Almost anything aftermarket is better than stock, except I'd avoid the cheap China ones from eBay.
It also helps the shifting feel a little smoother.

My favorite combo so far is Damond RMM with street bushings paired with the stock trans side bracket.
I did have Powerflex street bushings in the trans side bracket too, but put the stock rubber back in because it was still rattling a bit coming up on 1000 miles. I did find 1 bolt that was loose when I changed it, so that wasn't helping. 😕
Now, I only get brief vibes at a very specific point taking off, AND the AC has to be on.
Still amazing compared to stock turning a corner and punching it at the same time. Solid, no wheel hop or steering wheel jerking around wildly.

What wagons have you had, and what's your favorite?

I came across an older 90s Mitsu twin turbo import that looked pretty sweet and was tempting. Basically the motor and AWD that was in the Eagle Talon and companion Mitsu back in the day.

Some guys at work drag race some crazy domestic wagons, or at least used to a few years ago.
Thank you. I’m willing to tolerate some vibrations just for that “racecar” feel. It would definitely be nice to get rid of the wheel hop too. Damond seems like a quality option for aftermarket parts. I was pretty impressed by how well made their OCC was. I’m 25 so the ST is only my 2nd car. Before this I had a 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring 5 spd. Nothing too exciting and kind of a weird mix between hatch and wagon since it had a long flat roof but was still pretty compact. I just like wagons in general. I was looking at some mid 2010s Volvo wagons before settling on an ST. The older 850r might be my favorite. That TT Mitsu sounds like a dream tho I don’t think I’d have the same willpower to not buy it lol.
Nice ride! Welcome to the decontented 2018 ST1 club. You can change out the intercooler on your own. It's tedious but easy. The only "specialty" tool you need is a set of ramps.

I haven't swapped my RMM because Ford admitted their screw-up and installed the RMM from the e-Focus on our cars and I'm not having any problems. The engine doesn't smash the firewall on spirited take-offs, and I'm used to the torque steer. You will get better performance out of a stiffer one if you want it.

At 20k miles, you might want to think about swapping out the OEM spark plugs. You absolutely must do that when you buy an intercooler and tune anyway. At least pull them and give them a good check.

You may want to get Forscan to do some tweaks. You can get rid of the double honk, enable Global Windows (rolling them all down or up with the keyfob), Bambi mode (fogs and high beams on at the same time), and enable the rear speakers to full range instead of "ambient". Then swap all six speakers. A super cheap audio upgrade.
Thanks I have watched a few videos and it does seem like I wouldn’t have much issue with the intercooler. I heard the newer models got the e-focus RMM so it’s not the highest priority for me rn but I’ll probably go aftermarket eventually. I thought I was weird for thinking the torque steer was kinda fun so I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind it. Spark plugs are definitely on the list too. I plan on going one step colder when I do the next oil change. Good to know about Forscan, I don’t think I’d heard of it before. An audio upgrade should probably be on the list as well. I certainly wasn’t impressed by the sound quality from the factory
That thing is super clean. I don’t think I could bring myself to put it through the abuse of Chicago winters lol
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Welcome to the most informational and helpful place on the internet for your hot hatch. Most fun I've ever had in a car!
Thank you. This forum has been super helpful for me already.
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