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Just picked up my 17 ST1 in magnetic on Monday. Completely stock so far, but I already have a few upgrades in mind and I've barely passed 100 miles. I'm coming from an 04 SVTF. So far I'm enjoying the extra power of the ST but it certainly leaves a bit to be desired in terms of sound.

First impressions
-Ride seems a bit bouncy. I don't mind the stiffness, it just seems underdamped. I'll probably swap to some Koni or Bilstein shocks eventually
-Sound symposer - meh, doesn't sound bad but I noticed it right away when I took it for a test drive and knew something sounded a little off. I'll probably delete it eventually
-Pedal placement - tough to heel toe. A pedal spacer will likely be my first upgrade.
-Otherwise I'm enjoying it so far, we will see how things progress...

I plan on Autocrossing it pretty much immediately after the break in 1000 miles. Maybe I'll see some fellow members out there. Planning on attending the Detroit Region SCCA event on Memorial Day.
Welcome! Post up some pics!
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