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New Owner from MN

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Hey Guys,

I recently purchased a Kona Blue 2016 Focus ST3. I found you guys when I was researching between an ST and a WRX. I went with the ST due to cost and comfort. This will be a daily driver for a 60 mi commute and the amenities the Focus has compared to the WRX made it a no brainer.

My short list of mods so far pretty bland: seat protectors for the kids car seats, floor mats for the lovely MN winters and window tint.

On a side note, I did some checking around and was unable to find something local for ST owners in MN. I'd be very interested if there is a local owners group/club so if anyone knows of one in MN please chime in.
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Welcome! and Congrats on your new ST

May I make a suggestion. When your looking for floor mats, take a look at the 3D Maxpider mats...
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