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New Focus ST owner in Northern Nevada.
2013 ST2 Package with probably the highest miles out there. (138k)
Before people ask, I actually sell Fords and before picking up this car I had a compression and leakdown test performed. All came back great. (I also stole this car as far as pricing goes)
New to owning a Ford but, not new to performance car.

I've owned a 2003 WRX and a 2005 STi previously.

I've had the car for about a week now and so far I'm impressed with what this car has to offer in terms of factory power and handling.
Car will remain relatively stock for now as I get a better feel of it.

As far as parts companies, being that I came from Subaru I had a wide range of parts companies to choose from (Perrin, Invidia, Cobb, Grimmspeed and the such)
Which parts manufacturers are best suited for the FoST? I know Cobb has a small selection of parts but so far I haven't really seen much in terms of any other companies. (any input on this would be greatly appreciated for when the mod bug kicks in)
No photos as of yet, as we've been having crappy weather in this area. Once we actually see the sun again I'll post some photos.

Thanks for any help that you gentlemen/ladies offer.
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