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Saying HI!
New to this place but not to the Focus world. All I have had for the last 3 years and Love them

Joining this group because I want to get more info on the things we can "HACK" in computer, What lowering set up will work the best for MICHIGAN'S Crappy roads, What Tune I should get when I get there and a few other mods I can do on the "Cheap" i.e. on my own.

I picked up my ST in June this year. Got at a local dealer because the P.O. traded it in for a RS. It had 77k on it when I got it and it now has 81k. Best part is I got a Warranty with it. witch is sweet. Anyways, I was told the Guy was in his mid 60 s and he took great care of this car. It's a Bare Bones ST and I am so Glad it is. I love the lack of tech crap in it.

So here is a Pick of it the DAY I brought it home all clean and shiny. its a bit dirty now as I was on a vacation and its full of sand and dog hair plus its a little muddy, LOL
Sweet ride! Wish they would have kept silver for 2017!

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1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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