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Has anyone used this yet? It looks pretty interesting, but at $150.00 just for a mount I'm kind of hesitant to try it.


This ultra-compact, electronic gimbal stabilizer always remains horizontal and is the world’s smallest gimbal stabilizer ever created. The StayblCam 1X is designed to mount to a variety of existing mounting options and is also a perfect companion to use with the StayblCam!

One-axis stabilization ensures that the unit always remains horizontal
Artificial intelligence (AI) control unit allows the unit to “learn” and constantly improve the motion based on a user’s movements
Fully automatic calibration technology extends the 1X’s battery life while at the same time, improving stability and motion
Up to 3 hours of continuous use on one charge
Completely silent, high quality, brushless motors for zero noise emission
Weighing in at just 6 ½ ounces, and 2 ¾ inches in diameter
You can also attach the 1X to helmet mounts, extension poles, bicycle and motorcycle mounts, and car suction cup mounts to mention a few. Basically, the 1X mounts anywhere you want it, as long it has a standard GoPro action mount. Practical applications include mounting to a bicycle, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle for off road or on road scenic views of the action on the trail or road ahead.

The unit is simple and easy for even complete amateurs to operate without any training. Just place your phone or camera in the cradle of the StayblCam 1X, power the unit on, and attach it to the handle or mount of your choice.

Included in the box:

StayblCam 1X One Axis Stabilizer
Sporty and padded, weatherproof carrying case with clip
Action camera 'J-Hook' mount
Tripod- and StayblCam-compatible base mount
Mounting screw
USB charging cable
Instruction manual (English)

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