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Hello forum, I went from a base model 2012 with the horrible 6 speed auto to the fully loaded ST. I have had it for a month and have 1200 miles on it. So far I really like the feel of the car. It is far better built than the SE was. The 2012 SE vibrated really bad just at idle. I have already got the modding bug. I have had a muffler shop fabricate and install a unique exhaust. I have ordered JBR short shift arm: Focus ST short Shift Arm [FST-SSA] - $89.95 : James Barone Racing, Aftermarket Performance.
Shift plate solid bushings, and harmonic balance delete. I am hesitant on the balancer delete due to warranty. I bit about myself, I am an computer engineer with a background in propulsion systems, unmaned aerial systems, motor controls, electromagnetic design, embedded systems software and hardware. I used to work in the steel industry as a weld and material quality tester, I also used to professional tig weld on an exhaust bellow manufacturing plant. Related to automotive, I have worked with the DOE and GM in hybrid technology development. I have an extensive knowledge of the CAN bus (OBDII operates on this), general physics, electrical engineering, and a little here and there.

I really like the feel and design of the ST.
Really like the:
Headlights, HID and following capability with LED running lights
Smoothness of engine operation, very little vibration.
Steering assist and variable ratio. The 2012 assist hunted around on the freeway- this one is done right on the ST.
Side mirror blind spot lens (ford common item)
Back up cam, great low light capability.
CONs this far:
Fuel economy 20 average 50/50 highway city. The SE got 29.
Turning circle - I feel it could be smaller.
Sync to phone seems hit miss. sometimes auto connects sometimes not. Sometimes the apps(spotify) shows, sometimes it shows and does nothing, sometimes it shows plays but no control. Possibly and android issue.

Things I would like to see for the ST:
Sync 3 in car apps, not phone apps. Such as an app that displays gauges and car info per user selection (VW) does this. Instead of buying a CAN to BT and running an app on the phone (cumbersome and lagy)
More user control over car features as a on sync app, symposer control, back up cam duration, etc.
Tuneable suspension option (VW does this as well)
Anything but open differential.
More aggressive exhaust note stock with a valve in the exhaust instead of the intake symposer. The sound symposer sounds great, until you put an exhaust on it. The RS did this.
All wheel drive option...I see that I might be writing up the description of the RS, which I would have bought if I could find one and if they were not 12k over MSRP!!!!
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