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Hiiiii everybody.

I just picked up a 44k mi 2013 in black. I was looking for an ST3 but after reading about how I can add heated seats and a backup camera I was less concerned about ST3 vs ST2, although I'm not in love with this steering wheel. So I ended up with a modded ST2, hopefully it's not a ticking time bomb lol. It pulls hard and I didn't see any evidence of major issues at the time of purchase. My CEL did come on yesterday out of nowhere, hope to have it checked out later today.

I'm planning to go through it and figure out exactly what mods were done. So far this is what I know;
Cobb intake
MBRP cat back
FMIC (can't see brand)
ISC coils
Wilwood bbk 6p 14.4s
Art In Motion wheels 18x8.5/9.5
Cobb Access Tuner is no longer installed but I do know that it was in there.
Possible rear motor mount. I don't have any hop compared others I drove.

My plans;
Getting an oil analysis
Checking plug gap and condition - Replace if needed (probably will anyway)
Fl400s filter
Mobil 1
Dry filter (AEM or Amsoil)
Dual oil catch cans
Possible water/meth injection
Backup camera
Heated seats
Audio upgrades (has no sub now)

Most mods I would want are already done. I will be perfectly happy with a cobb stg3 and may add wmi as the cherry on top. My planned upgrades center around longevity and protection. I'm not in love with the wheels but they are growing on me.

Anyway coming from the MKV VWs I have beem driving for nearly 10yr it's nice to have a fast car again lol. Dubs just been getting more and more boring too.
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