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Need New Lugnuts

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So i managed to screw up my lugnuts by using a 3/4' socket instead of a 19mm because i thought the Focus ST was English instead of metric like an idiot.

I am looking for new lugnuts but dont know what to get or where to get them.

Does anybody know where i can get stock lugnuts from other than a dealer as the dealer is pricing me at $7.10 each.

I would prefer to keep my lugnuts stock just as i like my car with the stock look.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You don't want the stock lug nuts anyway. The breakage that I am guessing you had from using the wrong size socket is the same damage that you will see over time using the right size one with the lug nuts that Ford uses (cap crimped onto a nut). Amazon stocks several options for the Focus. I personally prefer McGard lug nuts, but they are a little more expensive than basic lug nuts. I have never used them, but I believe Gorilla lug nuts are typically a decently reviewed and reasonably priced alternative.
+1 for Gorilla lug nuts. Used them for a long time on my old ZX3 and never had any issues. They come with a special "tuner key," but the splines actually fit a regular socket, I just forget which size.

Also, to OP, unless you're running extended neo chrome or some other flashy color, I don't see why putting aftermarket lug nuts is going to mess with the "stock look."
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