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I found another thread that was similar, but was a lot more than i needed or am wanting to do on my '14 ST1.

I ordered the Metra dash kit (I wanted the look of the Scosche, but the fit issues deterred me).
I also ordered an ebay Android Double DIN unit (risky? Yes. But i'm willing to risk it.)

My needs:
I don't care if i lose Sync voice commands.
I want steering wheel controls to skip songs and volume control
I keep on reading about the chimes/brake indicator, etc. stop working unless you buy a module

Basically, i just want the steering wheels controls to work, and want all the stock sounds, etc. just dont care if i lose voice command Sync.

Are these the only parts i need?

Axxess AX-ADBOX1
Axxess AX-ADFD02

I am also seeing this:

I would just like a clear answer if those two parts are ALL I NEED in addition to the dash kit and stereo. Thanks guys!
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