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Hi guys!

I'm excited to say that I'm pretty sure a stratified tuned GTX2867r is in my future. Before I head down the BT road I had a few questions, I plan on doing a self install at home or renting a lift and tackling it that way...

With that being said, what kind of fitment issues should I expect with my current setup? Will I need to have extra plumbing elbows or fittings on -hand?

Current installed ENGINE parts:
Injen CAI
Elite x2 dual oil catch can
Depo catless downpipe
Depo 3.5" fmic
Boomba racing IM & TB spacers
Turbosmart BOV
Cobb RMM
GREDDY 3" catback
Big mouth snorkel
Denso ITV22 - one step colder.


I'm planing on using the CPE HOT and COLD side fmic piping with a TIAL bov. Unless someone has a better setup option in-mind that will workout better.

Thanks in advance!

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lol I agree with bman just do it and ask for forgiveness my wife usually forgives me after I buy her something just as expensive as the toy I bought for either of the focus's
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