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Long story short. Inherited the truck from my Grandpa after he passed. Truck disappeared for 3 years, turns out step grandma lives in my neighborhood (weird right), they didn't take care of it, I get truck back and now the Build process starts.

Truck was bought brand new in 1989 from WA. Truck started with a 5.0/aod/3.55 bone stock. The 5.0 sucks for a truck so I decided to upgrade to a late model 5.8.
Currently has 129k on it and in 2005 truck had 117k. Obviously been driven alot LOL When I got the truck back, the brakes were gone it was scary lol. I rebuilt the whole braking system.
Found an f4te roller 5.8 w/90k and swapped that in.

Current mods: Mustang HO cam, Maf conversion w/ mustang ecu, Long tube headers from pacesetter, 2200-2400 (I'm seeing about 2800 lol) stall converter and full custom exhaust

Next up: Transgo for the AOD, Aluminum TFS heads, Custom cam, Maybe a trutrac or similar (open diff sucks) and I am still up in the air about boost.

Super greasy 5.0
351 togeth.jpg
351 bolted in

351 bolted in.jpg
5.0 broken exhaust manifold both sides were like this. Pretty common
Broken mani.jpg
Trans cooler differences
cooler diff.jpg
Roller conv.jpg
Moved after sitting for 2 years
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