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Placed the order last night and now I'm waiting patiently for the Dock strike to end in California.

I am going to document all the pieces of the install. My ST currently has no bolt-ons, so this should be quite a change.
I have piece mealed Mountune parts for about a year. From what I have seen of some of your posts, it should be no problem. I just topped it off with a V3 and a pair of tunes from Randy a month or so back. Really, really happy with it.

So far I have installed the Mountune ARV, Low Restriction Intake and Open end filter, FMIC, CAT DP, CAI silicon hose, Boost Hoses, Lower Charge Pipe. A few ST friends stopped by for the FMIC, boost hoses, ARV, lower charge pipe. The extra pair of hands were helpful and a bit more fun. If I am not mistaken you installed your springs and dampers yourself. Compared to that, this is much easier. Found a few nuances along the way. There are definitely more mechanical members but if you need any information on the installs, PM me.

You definitely will not be disappointed with your purchase. Regarding the CAT downpipe, I am not sure how FL is for smogging but Randy made me one tune for the OE DP and another for their CAT DP, just in case I had to put the OE on for smog check.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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