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Just came back from US and got some Mountune swash stickers in the silver to match the Rado Grey wheels which they dont do that bad of a job.

Sort of stuffed a small bit of the sticker on the LHS, very minor but i'm fussy. Just wondering if anyone has done something similar and had made up this sort of colour design from somewhere in OZ from a vinyl place? the film was 3M 1080 or something (still have the paper) Still deciding if is to rice boy or not, may just remove.

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Umm it didn't last very well with local non touch car wash so off it has come :(

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Too bad, didn't look awful. I would have preferred the stripe to begin at back of the front wheel arch and go to the front of the rear wheel arch; would have had to trim two more panel gaps, but I think the look would be good.

Edit: a very good reason to hand wash!
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