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Mountune Downpipe Design Flaw?

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Hey all, check this picture out, ive been try to diagnose a vibration out and found it. Its the flex-pipe of the mountune DP hitting the lower hanger bracket and bending the flexpipe in making contact under high load. I have the downpipe mounted correctly or at least i hope. Can anyone at Mountune give me an idea what i may be doing wrong? I have the turboback exhaust and the muffler is very heavy. Weighing the front part of the muffler down a little.

Then again this could be a design flaw, the mid bracket is on and tight and the vband isnt leaking and is sealed so im a little confused, did i get a downpipe with the rear hanger rods cocked to much in one direction? Im gonna shave the bracket down but i shouldnt have to do this. Metal Copper Brass Steel Bronze
Metal Copper Brass Steel Bronze
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Nvm. I had to undo the whole thing and move the downpipe up a lot higher. Fixed. Move along
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