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TL/DR: Same day shipping is a lie, may or may not get everything in your box.

On 3/19/18 I ordered (2) shocks along with a some bushings and some other bits from CarId because they had everything I wanted in stock with same day shipping (if ordered in the next 6+ hours) and because I always want to support companies that support forums with a good community and great info. The parts did not ship on 3/19/18 as falsely advertised on the website, however on 3/20/18 I did receive and email stating that some of the parts would ship on 3/20/18 (1 day late) and the remainder on 3/21/18 (2 days late). On 3/21/18 I received another email stating that not everything would ship until at least 3/24/18 (5 days late).

Fortunately the parts that did ship on 3/20/18 (only a day late) allegedly contained the shocks I needed so I could work over the weekend. Unfortunately, when the package arrived it did not contain (2) shocks as indicated by the tracking, only (1) shock. I made quick call to CarId. After being put on hold I was told they would call me back in 24-48 hours. So now my weekend plans are completely toast and I have the sneaking suspicion I'm going to be left holding the bag on (1) $175 shock, oh, and they still haven't shipped everything!

Sorry rant over. Take this with a grain of salt, maybe I have had a unique experience but I will never spend a dime with them again.
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