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Meth injection temps and air fuel ratios

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Hey guys so am running aem meth along with cobb stg3 tune along with supporting bolt ons. Have not got her tuned for meth yet so was wondering if anyone running similar setup if so wat are ur afr and lowest temps...?
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I am Freektuned for meth, but I also have a Stratified flash tune that I use from time to time for the crackles. At WOT, the Stratified tune jumps around 11.76 plus or minus ~.2. The Freektune hits 11.76 and stays put until red line. As for the temps, I cannot see what effect the WMI has because it's injected after the charge temp sensor, but I can tell you that after a hard drive, the intake manifold will be COLD. Also thought I'd mention that the meth tune pulls a lot harder into the higher RPM's. Definitely worth tuning for
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