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TL ; DR these guys rock

So i got my ST little over a year ago, had less then 150 miles on it when it was fully bolted on and tuned. To find out i had to take everything off and get smoged since i bought it out of state, then all installed again. Since then for 10k miles everything was perfect.

It all started when i decided to trade in my 452whp Scion FRS. Converted everything to stock and ordered me a 2016 CLA250. during the wait for that to be built and delivered, i came across the ST. it would save me about 200$ a month and fit what i was looking for. Something cheaper then my FRS and nicer over all.. (the CLA was going to be a lease at the same cost as the FRS.. 550$ a month) It didnt take me long to miss the power of the FRS. So i called up some of my distributors and started ordering parts as i worked at a online parts sale for the Twins. I wanted everything tuned and called the three top places everyone talked about on here.. Stratified was the only one to pick up the phone. I'm sure he has heard all the questions a million times before, but I'm one that loves to do research and build things right the first time. He answered every question i had no problems and never seemed bothered.

I send off for my first tune. 153 miles on the car and im filling with e85. and loved the car. I miss the rwd, the 450hp. The cool look of a 2 door sports car. But something about the ST just made me just as happy most of the time... beside the worst seats ever (ST3 recaros) if i tinker i can get them in the right spot but man it takes for ever. I would get revisions and send emails here and there and always questions answered and a plan on what to do got formulated. So maybe one day a BT will be bolted on.

Then the big Ten OH hit.. and for the first hundred some odd miles in the 10k range things were perfect. And then.. it happened.. a slight sputter, and it getting worse and worse. soon i couldn't drive it without this huge sputtering back fire. it seemed like a miss fire, so i pulled the plugs and changed them helped at first then got worse. by this time the tank of e30 is used up and I'm thinking its going to Ford so back went 91 good 'ol Vegas has.. in less then a mile it went away. Car would pull straight to the limiter with a slight miss here and there, just barely noticeable. I chalked it up to a bad tank of gas and when the 91 was used up went to fill up with e30. no sooner then 1/2 mile when i was getting on the freeway it hit just as bad as before. I sent stratified a email, paid for a look see and readings were all over the chart. at the same time a friend filled up with a flex fuel kit on his turbo FRS and went from e83 to e54 with just 5 gallons and sputtering and running horrible. I sent this news to Stratified and we all agreed its most likely bad fuel at this station, i ran it out and filled with e30 at another station and it went away. drove fine if not down on power a little. small hiccups here and there, so we agreed to wait until another tank to start logs and such. Thats when the worst came, filling up at the last place that gave good readings, all hell broke loose. the car would barely idle, had no boost even floored, was sputtering every where and finally a CEL.. see its never given a CEL the whole time.

I took many many logs and sent them off. at the same time i saw that a lot of the logs was fuel rail issue and CEL's. after a bit of research i saw Ford replacing the HPFP on cars with these codes.. Its a mechanical pump so nothing we have done to it would've caused it to go bad, but knew ford would say its the modifications. See i'm all for the pay to play thing, but im not going to replace a HPFP that has nothing to do with the mods i installed. So that weekend i put the car back stock, ran some logs on the stg3 91 pump map then Cobb OTS stg 1, sent them in also. after a little bit of driving the car started getting better and better and only breaking up around reline.

Stratified hit me back Monday morning.. Aaron has been amazing this whole time and stated that the fuel rail pressure sensor may be bad.. During the car going back to stock i talked about this sensor to my friend helping me as i don't see how one second actual FRP can go from 2,2XX psi to -345 psi the next, i went down and picked up a new sensor and the car is perfect again.. a quick reinstall of all the parts and flashed 7.1 with a tank of e30 and I'm back to the power levels i was first at 266hp and 351lbft according to virtual dyno

So i just wanted to say, thank you to the team at Stratified.
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