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This is starting to be something out of the Twilight Zone.


The latest in the saga is that I was driving home from work yesterday and on a back road get stuck behind an Accord for a bit. The paint goes dashed, I drop a gear and ease into her to pass. I have been driving much more "normal" since the problem began, this pass was no different, give myself a good run-up distance and just slide on by. However, this time as I'm passing the car basically lurches to life and takes off like a stabbed rat. I complete the pass and notice the CEL has turned itself off after more than 3 weeks and the car feels a little "stumbly" but is night and day in its response to load and boost.

This is starting to sound a lot like im about to pull my intake manifold this weekend and find carbon deposits on the valves nearly choking the engine completely.
Oil consumption has leveled out at a rate that is no longer alarming.

Someone help me. I'll entertain any and all ideas at this point.

Also, someone who has pulled the intake manifold, are the gaskets single use or can i pop it off, have a look, and pop it back on until I get the stuff to walnut blast these babies? (nobody will touch it, which is really annoying... LOOKING AT YOU FOMOCO!)
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