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Map Missing Roads

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So I noticed today my nav is missing some roads. Some major freeway stuff that's a couple years old too. What's up with that? How does that get updated? Do I have to purchase a database?
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WTF! You'd think a brand new card would at least be as current as thr car. Wonder if I can squeeze in this update on a warranty type claim? Just got the car a week ago.
See which card you have. The card should have been the updated card for when the car was built at the very least (which may not be the same roads as when the car was released... it takes time to update the maps and cards so there will be some lag). However, my salesman informed me that nav cards have a way of disappearing/finding themselves in other cars. It is possible that your card was not the updated card due to this movement. Not a warranty claim, but might be something your salesman is willing help you out with as a customer satisfaction thing if you are nice about it. Particularly if you can prove you got an old nav card.
Ford dealers don't update they just use the one that the car was delivered with. Mine came with A4 and just after I had bought it the current one became A5 and now it's at A7.

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Read my post again. I didn't say they updated after the car shipped/arrived to the lot. I did say that cards get swapped on the lot. Card was missing from my car. Salesman said it happens all the time and grabbed one from an Escape that was parked nearby. Through this process it is entirely possible that OP ended up with an older card than he should have received.
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