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So tonight, drove my daughter to swimming, like a 10-15 km drive, no issues there or on drive back home. On the way to go back to get her, I noticed some hesitation when accelerating to merge onto highway.

Basically at 3000 rpm, on the gas, the boost gauge moves, the revs increase much slower than normal, and with my foot to the floor, and gauge at 3/4, its really down on power.

No idiot lights flashing, no other symptoms, and never had this happen before. I did a 1800km road trip last week and all was well (and fun!).

Only 6400km on her, so calling dealer tomorrow, but just curious if anyone has an idea of what it could be.. my guess is no boost, even though gauge does move.

oh, and no mods at all, she's a leased car.

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