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Looking to tune in FMIC too?

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My Daily driver is a '15 ST3 w/ Green air filter and Catback exhaust. I want to tune my car just for a little more giddy up, i will not be tracking the vehicle. Im thinking with my tune mixed with 115/120 degree weather, sitting in traffic where pavement is 160+ it might be a good idea to swap FMIC as well. Im not looking to spend a ton of cash but came across this Mountune package and it seems like a really good deal (Focus ST COBB V3 Accessport ECU Flasher, High Flow Air Filter, Intercooler upgrade & Calibration Package). $1000 for new Intercooler and AP with tune. I would also add in 1 step colder plugs...if needed

1) do you folks think i actually need to upgrade the intercooler
2) what should i expect from this tune compared to others

I dont need top end HP/TQ, just more on the low to mid fun.

Thanks everyone!
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If you'd like to keep the engine somewhat coolish during summer's, FMIC, Water Wetter, Mishimoto Radiator & Access port for you're tuning needs. I've gone with Alex Stratfield.
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