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Looking to tune in FMIC too?

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My Daily driver is a '15 ST3 w/ Green air filter and Catback exhaust. I want to tune my car just for a little more giddy up, i will not be tracking the vehicle. Im thinking with my tune mixed with 115/120 degree weather, sitting in traffic where pavement is 160+ it might be a good idea to swap FMIC as well. Im not looking to spend a ton of cash but came across this Mountune package and it seems like a really good deal (Focus ST COBB V3 Accessport ECU Flasher, High Flow Air Filter, Intercooler upgrade & Calibration Package). $1000 for new Intercooler and AP with tune. I would also add in 1 step colder plugs...if needed

1) do you folks think i actually need to upgrade the intercooler
2) what should i expect from this tune compared to others

I dont need top end HP/TQ, just more on the low to mid fun.

Thanks everyone!
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Hey everyone, forum and tuner newbie, not sure if I'm supposed to put this in a new thread or not, but it seemed like my situation was pretty similar to OP's, so I was hoping you knowledgeable folks could help a newbie out...

I'm also in AZ and have a 2016 Focus ST completely stock at the moment, but am preparing to do some mods very shortly. I have a Cobb AP v3, and since I'm using that I just decided to go with the Cobb CAI w/hi flow filter since a lot of folks seem to say that Cobb products work best with Cobb products. From what I've read, the CAI won't add much performance, it's more for the sound effect anyway, is that right?

I also got myself a 5.5" cp-e FMIC since it was so much cheaper than the Cobb one, and bigger. I'm not planning on upgrading the turbo, but I figure in the AZ summers and my frequent drives to CA and Vegas, it was worth it. My wife actually convinced me to also just go ahead and get a new TBE as well while I'm at it (she's awesome), so I guess that would put me in Stage 3 territory...? Just had a few questions for the experts on here...

1. I also plan on swapping out the stock RMM with a cp-e Rear Motor Mount Stage2 xFlex - will this be a sufficient RMM for this setup?
2. I'm not looking for a loud exhaust at all, this will be my daily driver that I'll have to take to work everyday. But I would like to have one that sounds great when I get on it on the highway. I was thinking about the Cobb TBE that comes with the catted DP - any suggestions from anyone on whether this sounds like my best option? Or should I just go with a catless DP and Cobb CBE?
3. Am I missing anything in my rush to increase performance? I guess I should upgrade my brakes, but that may have to wait just a little bit. Is there something else I should be doing if I'm getting these mods done?
4. Would there be any issues with just using an OTS stage 2 or stage 3 map from my AP once I'm finished with these mods vs paying for a custom tune...?
5. Does anyone know where I should go in AZ to get everything installed?

Thanks in advance for everyone's expertise and opinions!
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While your there, get a catless DP. You will gain decent power with the FMIC and full custom tune. Plus you should get an added bonus of some deeper exhaust tones/sounds without the need for a useless CBE.
So...are there no issues with running a catless DP with the stock CBE? Is that combo obnoxiously loud or undesirable for any reason?

I really just want to get a DP for the extra power, but I don't much care to get an aftermarket CBE, unless it works better with the catless or catted DP. Clearly, I need some insight on DP selection...I've read through about 100 pages of the exhaust thread, but just couldn't decide just from videos and I couldn't sift through any more of the info on that thread after reading so much of it. Are ALL catless DP's just obnoxiously loud? If so, I guess I will have to get a catted DP, but are the gains comparable to a catless DP? Thanks!
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