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Looking to Trade-in (refinance) a Ford Fiesta S 5-speed for Focus ST

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Owe 9-10k on Fiesta S and want to trade it/refinance for a Focus ST.

What is the best way not to lose too much and get ok deal with keeping 0% Apr I also have up to 3k to put down.

Should I wait until end of year deals or try now is it worth going about. I wanted a fiesta st or focus ST since I finances mine.
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I traded my focus SE 2013 for my focus ST but same situation as StBeast, but i pay 450 a month. With that my insurance dropped, not sure why and so did my APR; went from22% to 1.9%. I can afford 450 a month so thats how that happened. It just comes down to what you can afford, and how much patience you have.
Wait what!? You were paying 22% apr? That is insanely high.
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