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Looking to Trade-in (refinance) a Ford Fiesta S 5-speed for Focus ST

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Owe 9-10k on Fiesta S and want to trade it/refinance for a Focus ST.

What is the best way not to lose too much and get ok deal with keeping 0% Apr I also have up to 3k to put down.

Should I wait until end of year deals or try now is it worth going about. I wanted a fiesta st or focus ST since I finances mine.
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I actually had a lancer with 30k miles on it and owed 12k on it. Ford gave me 9 and I gave 3 down but I'm paying 400 a month but I only did that cause I can afford 400 a month. It's up to you. When I went in I didn't negotiate the price of the car I told them I can 400 max monthly and from there they did the rest. So when you go in just tell them you want to only pay a certain amount monthly.
Going into a dealership with a plan to buy a car for "X dollars per month" payment is the WORST way to buy a vehicle. You will almost certainly overpay because the dealer will just stretch out the loan length to bring your monthly payment down to your level. If that is the way you want to do it that is up to you, but the right way to approach it is to get the LOWEST bottom line cash price for the vehicle FIRST, and then worry about the financing arrangements.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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