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First, I know parts are covered in many other posts but I am hoping to get a consolidated list of suggestions for me based on my specifics. I have a stock 2013 ST3. I live in California and would like to remain legal so I don't need to uninstall anything when my smog tests come around. I have been stock since summer of 2013, so I dont need any insane performance gains but I know ive been missing out on what this car can really do with just a little bit of upgrades.

I am hoping to be at no more than 3k including installation costs, so i would guess I want to be closer to 2500 for parts? not quite sure on installation charges.

Would really appreciate some opinions on where to best spend my money.

I am thinking I should get:
Cobb Access port v3

Is there anything else I should get in this budget? What are some brands/models to look for? I was looking at the Mountune MP275 and COBB Stage 2 CARB packages but I wonder if I should piece it out and get more bang for the buck.

I live in Orange County, pretty close to COBB, Mountune, FSWERKS, there may be others as well but i know of those for sure, would be nice if I could pick up the parts easily and locally but not a requirement.

Thanks for anyone taking the time to help me out! Can't wait to put some of these parts in.
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