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Hey everyone,

I have a 2013 ST, and have been fighting the rear suspension for a few months now (due to abandoning it for my motorcycle when the weather is nice). However, that doesnt mean that the issue is going away - I found that i was having issues with my shock making some insane amount of clunking noise when going over bumps at pretty much any speed.

Little bit of hands on investigation shows that the shock itself was blown and without the means to correct it myself or the desire to try i ordered a new one from BC Racing. Just the other day i got it installed and everything went smoothly or so i thought anyway. I took the car around the block and heard no noise so i was happy. Welp taking it to work the following day hearing the noise over each bump and by the time i got to work i noticed that the rear was really bouncy. I inspected the suspension low and behold the new shock cartridge was resting on the top of the Lower Shock Mount... Not joking.

Using the included jack with the car i got it up and slid the shock back into the mount and it was fine on the way home - that being said i was still hearing the noise every bump. Once home I took the tire off and checked every nut and bolt that i could find and found none that needed adjustment. I haven't messed with the Spring since i got the car so i dont know if that needs to be reset or loaded. I verified that the Studs were securely tightened to the frame - additionally made sure that the nuts were securely torqued making sure that the top shock mount was not the issue.

On my way to work today again with the noise, again with the shock jumping out of the Lower Shock Mount - i am at my wits end here and really dont know what left to do to resolve the issue.

  1. Noise from the rear Passenger Side - Determined its suspention related.
  2. Found that the existing shock was blown and ordered and replaced with a new one from BC Racing
  3. Once the new shock was installed i verifed that the clunking sound was gone and it wasnt
  4. On the way to work after the install i found that my shock 'jumped'/'slipped' out of my lower shock mount
  5. went through every link, joint, nut and bolt, and stud and cannot find a reason why this is happening

Any help would be appreciated.
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