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Look at this spark plug, is this ok? denso ITV22 w Stage 1

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Hi all,

I was due for an spark plug change, after reading here I went with the Denso ITV22.

Just after installing them my engine sounded a little more agressive, and my mpg went down 1mpg. So I decided to took cyl 3 spark plug out to check it out.

For me it seems like an excess of carbon deposits. pictures are from the same spark plug.

It have been only 260miles. Im at Stage 1 with green filter.


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Looks fine to me , always check the gap. Even though they say pre gapped... they never are

They look pretty good to me..

By stage one, are the only mods the filter and plugs? Or is there a tune on the car too??
What octane fuel are you using?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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