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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some feedback from anyone who's had the Magnaflow catback system on their car for a few years now. Ideally owners from Canada and the US Midwest and East Coast. This system has been on my wish list for a while and I figure since it's been available for almost 4 years now I might be able to get some first-hand input about it from other owners as to how it's held for them up after a few winters.

Will this system hold up to several years of use on salted winter roads or has anyone experienced any issues with regards to rust perforating any of the tubing, clamps, resonators, etc.? From what I can find out online, it seems it's made with T409 SS which I know will develop surface rust (I believe the factory exhaust is T409 too, but I could be wrong) but it should still hold up for many years before rusting out. The tips appear to be T304 on the Magnaflow so those shouldn't develop surface rust.

So far my factory exhaust system is doing OK after 3 winters, everything has a good covering of rust on it but no perforations in the tubing or resonators. My stock clamps and bolts look pretty bad, I doubt I could remove the bolts but I figure those would probably get cut off anyways during a new catback install. I'm sure the factory system would hold up to a few more winters before becoming problematic. Is the Magnaflow the same, worse, or better in durability compared to OEM exhaust?

How has the exhaust sound held up? Has it changed much since when it was new? I've heard two ST's with new Magnaflow systems and I like the low deep sound when the car starts, it's not too loud. Does this change over time?

Any tips/advice for protecting the system with maybe some primer paint or similar?

Finally, would you purchase this system again?

Thanks for any input you all may have!
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