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Lip Splitter for Cup Spoilers?

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I'm looking for a lip splitter to fit with cup spoilers. I'm buying more to protect the spoilers and the rest of the front from stones than for aerodynamics, so is there anything that'll follow the contours of the front of the car with the cups fitted? I'm sure I saw something on this site not long ago, a lip that went up in the centre? If not, then what's the best regular lip splitter for cup spoilers, something that's not too prominent?
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Sorry, but from what I can see those don't have much ground clearance. Trouble is, around our way the local council has had the smart idea to put down speed humps on some roads, humps that don't stretch right across the roads. As a matter of fact, my wheels can just about pass on either side, leaving a large lump sticking up to catch on one of those splitters. The cup spoilers are okay, but I need the lip to rise up in between.

On the other hand, by the looks of them those cars in the pics have been lowered? Also, is the nose lower on the facelift than on the pre-facelift? By the looks of them the bodywork and especially the spoilers on the facelift are lower? If those cars in the pics have been lowered and the facelift lose bodywork is lower then those splitters might work, but ideally I'd still like the lip to be higher in the middle.

Here's a good example. I've always thought the facelift front looked lower than the pre-facelift. If I can get a lip fitted that's this height, or marginally lower, then I'll be okay. It can be a tad lower again on the side spoilers.

Basically, I want something that'll follower the contours of the car.
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