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Never got around to making one of these, and I don't have a lot of pictures along the way, but wanted to start a thread for the parts that are currently installed on my 2013 ST2 and to try and do a better job of taking pictures as I install parts in the future. This will be a work in progress as I move between my phone, tablet, and computer and find the different pictures to drop in here, but I figured I would start with the parts list and a couple of my favorite pictures of the car.

I bought the car used at the very end of August 2016 with 106k miles on it. Since then, I have managed to put about 52k miles on it (was at 158,221 miles when I parked it in the lot at work this morning).

- Cobb air filter
- FS Werks intake tube
- OEM Focus RS intercooler
- Symposer delete (can't remember the brand off the top of my head at this point)
- 1320 Performance catted downpipe
- Cobb catback exhaust and hangers
- Cobb rear motor mount
- Cobb Accessport
- Tune+ ProTune
- Powerflex Upper Motor Mount Insert
- Powerflex Transmission Mount Insert

- YCW Reference Series coilovers (with camber plates and adjustable front sway bar end links)
- TB Performance front strut tower brace
- TB Performance adjustable rear sway bar end links
- ST Suspensions rear sway bar (currently on the softer setting)
- Pierce Motorsports front 2-point brace [waiting to be installed]

- PowerStop slotted front rotors
- Frankenbrake rear brake upgrade
- PowerStop slotted rear rotors
- Hawk HPS pads (front and rear)

- Boosted Designs shifter base solid bushings
- Boosted Designs cable bracket solid bushings
- OKP solid shift cable bushings
- Torque Solutions short shift arm (currently in P1 at a 25% reduction in throw)
- MFactory helical LSD [waiting to be installed]

- Work Emotion CR Ultimate/Kiwami, 18"x8.5" ET47
- Perrin shorty antenna
- TFB Designs Ford emblem overlays (tangerine yellow)
- TFB Designs ST emblem overlays (tangerine yellow)
- DIY wing risers
- M3 style lip spoiler
- Morimoto XB LED fog lights
- Diode Dynamics LED bulbs (tail light, brake light, reverse light and mirror indicators)
- Shaved grill (middle portion)

- Redline Goods e-brake boot (black leather, millenium yellow stitching)
- Redline Goods shift boot (black leather, millenium yellow stitching)
- Redline Goods type 2 arm rest (black leather, millenium yellow stitching)
- Diode Dynamics LED bulbs (all interior lights)

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Installed the two Powerflex mount inserts (upper motor mount and transmission mount) last night. According to the instructions that came with the upper motor mount insert, they say it should be able to be installed without tools and the mount in the car, but I didn't see how it was going to fit without taking the mount out. Ended up removing both mounts to install the inserts, which wasn't too bad. The picture of the transmission mount insert was after I put the top bracket back over the mount, so it wasn't the best picture (can see the yellow of the insert, though).

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I went with their street inserts (lower durometer rating), so the vibrations haven't been too bad. However, I have only driven to Discount Tire and back so far. Another local guy is running the race inserts with the higher durometer and said that the vibrations settled down after some break in miles.

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