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Just installed Breedt shift arm - have some questions

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Just installed the Breedt shift arm yesterday. I've got it in the P2 position (39% reduction and 25 mm forward). Everything else in the car is stock. Did quite a lot of driving around town today and have a couple questions:

1) To me, the shift effort needed is quite higher than stock. I've read quite a few posts where folks say it's not too much different from stock, but to me it's very noticeable. Is it possibly because it's just new to me? Anyone else run into this?

2) When getting out of reverse, I used to be able to just move the shifter straight down and then let go and it would slide out of reverse and into neutral. Now, if I go straight down in reverse and let go, it just stays in that locked position and I have to do a second motion to the right to get it out of the reverse dogleg and back into neutral. Make sense? Anyone else have this issue?

Just wanted to see what opinions were and to make sure I didn't screw up the install somehow. The shifts are obviously much shorter and with the extra force needed they seem to be a bit more notchy...almost too much so. I'm going to keep it like it is for a few weeks minimum before I go and change anything. I've got the Boomba shifter base bushings as well, but not installed yet.

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Completely normal. More reduction=more effort, have to shift into 1st before R

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