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JST Performance Global Time Attack Limited Class Build/ Restoration!

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Hi Guys! As i'm sure a lot of you guys know, we purchased a totaled 2015 Focus ST many months ago and have been working very hard to restore the car and convert it into our new Limited FWD Class Time Attack Machine! We have started going back and doing a small write up in many sections on the car and i plan to post links to the write-ups on our website every time there is a new update. Ive attached a link to our first article about buying the car and doing some body work repair. Next week we should be posting our article on weight reduction, which should by far be the most in-depth weight chart for the Focus ST every written. Subscribe to see more updates in the future! Thanks! -Brian

Part 1: Buying the car and Body Repair- #TimeAttackFoST Build Part 1 - Introduction ? JST Performance, LLC
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