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With the Focus ST being such a wheel hop monster one of the biggest things is to reduce that hop with a new motor mount. After doing extensive research even on the mazda forums I have decided to retire the boomba racing motor mounts (80 durometer) and upgrade to a JBR solid mount.

Keep in mind i have the jbr passenger and transmission mount as well.

To be quite honest added vibration is there but not by a lot compared to the boomba mount, reason being is the boomba wishbone mount cannot be paired with the jbr mount therefore the stock top mount had to be used. With that said this car stays planted to the ground a lot better and has no engine movement at all when shifting, even when down shifting this thing holds it in place.

If NVH is not a problem I would definitely reccomend the JBR solid mount!

Price, reduced engine movement, no wheel hop, nice quality build

Cons: installation

One thing I do need to point out from the picture is how this mount is installed. When I installed my boomba mount everything was lined up for the bolts. As you can see from the pic I was just a tad shy from this not working. It can work though! One thing you need to do is play around with the bolts. You may need to tighten one to make the other holes line up. FYI don't tighten one bolt at once. Get one started and try to flex the mount into position. To save time for anyone jacking the motor will not help line up the top hole of the mount. Just need to be patient and work with it.

Overall though I love this mount and highly recommend this piece. I plan on tracking and dragging the car more than usual so this was a must!!

Awesome job by James Barone Racing!!!

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