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I have these installed, but had a quick question on the rear shock adjustment while installing. I didn't quite seat the spring all the way when I installed the shock and just threaded the body of the shock down far enough to align the lower mounting bolt. My question is does the amount that you thread the body down matter a whole lot? I have no problem pulling the wheel, dropping the spring and re-threading to a bit higher if I really need to, but if it's fine where it is I'll leave it. There is still ample thread left in the body of the shock (I can still see more of the threaded body through the side of the lower adjustable portion), just want to be sure that I won't have any problem.
@[email protected]? I just called in, but a tech wasn't available right away. I got them installed last night and dropped the car on the ground for test fitment. Going home tonight to finish up the adjustments and want to make sure I'm buttoning it up correctly.

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Sorry I wasn't able to answer your question sooner.

With the rear of the car up on stands, all you have to do is put a jack under the lower control and raise it enough to compress the spring just a bit. Then, thread the lower portion of the shock up or down so it bolts up. Easy peasy

Hope this helps...

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