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Jack Rails

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This is not really about maintenance, but something that will make several jobs easier. Don't think there is s thread on these yet so here goes; if there is one, someone point me to it and I will merge them.

As those of us that do our own maintenance (and don't have access to a lift) know, lifting the car and getting jack stands under it can be challenging and ramps are not always the best option as they can make access to some areas difficult and you can't change tires, shocks, struts etc on ramps.

There are several companies making jack rails now and I installed a pair today; must say that lifting the car is now very easy. I still have to drive the car on to blocks to get the jack under, but can now safely lift the car from a central point and place jack stands in the proper locations.

I got these from a member, he is not a vendor, so if you would like some info PM me.
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Now I can safely do this:
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So lets see yours...
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I can do that without jack rails. I am probably going to pick up the Steeda ones since they don't require drilling.

Two lifting points to put all four corners on jack stands.

Sent from another garage.
Yes, but the jack is right where you should be placing your jack stands, and, the rails are mounted to existing holes that are 1/2 inch and only need to be drilled to 17/32. In any case, which ever you use, makes for safer lifting.

Edit: I used to lift like that too, but was not real happy with how the front comes up first and then after a while the back, which means the chassis is twisting. With these the lift is pretty even.
I place the front stand here with no issue.

Sent from another garage.
That's the same place I used. I just got to thinking that for stability the jack stand should be as far outboard as possible, which is where the factory lift points are. I know that in the past having the car up on 4 stands that were inboard, it was a little sketchy.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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